The Mixed Mini-Mocks (100 questions)

4, 25-question tests with all the task list sections

(0) All Levels Certificate: No English (US)

Course Description

These mini-mocks are a combination of questions from each task list section, rather from just one section. Hence, the appellation "mixed." The questions are also in a randomized order, so you aren't sure what section of the task list that a particular question might be from. We believe that this makes the test a bit harder than our other mini-mocks, as a result. A 75% on your first attempt at each of these is an indication that you are on-track to pass the "real deal."

Kevin Van Laeken

Kevin and Amy are former educators and BCBAs with a passion for helping to make ABA concepts accessible. Understanding concepts in your own words and using examples will give you the confidence to tackle the BACB® exam.

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  • 4 mini-mocks w/explanations
  • 100 questions from a mix of task list sections

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