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This package includes our 23 previously recorded Break Down The Beast Courses. That is over 80 hours of question dissection fun!

Break down questions and all of the answers in our 4-hour marathons. Almost everyone can narrow the answers down to the best two. How do you choose from these? We'll show you what to look for and how to choose. It's not just knowing the definitions or even larger concepts. If you can explain why an answer best fits the question/scenario and why the others don't, you will pass. Simple as that! This is what we want for you and we continue to support you in developing this skill. If you want more practice, you might want to consider upgrading to our "All you need" package, which includes these webinars (including all the past recordings), mock exams, video task list reviews and much more. After purchase, you'll create an account (if you don't already have one) and receive access to the course, which includes all of our recordings!

Meiko McDaniel

Kevin and Amy are former educators and BCBAs with a passion for helping to make ABA concepts accessible. Understanding concepts in your own words and using examples will give you the confidence to tackle the BACB® exam.

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$200.00 /One-time


  • About 45 questions
  • In-depth explanations of all answers
  • A little bit of humor, too

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