5th edition Task List Videos

A review of the task list, including examples and non-examples.

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This, like our 4th edition video training is a review of the concept in each section of the task list with an eye (and ear) to test questions. We have some examples, some non-examples, some tips on discriminating concepts that tend to "blend" together, etc. We try to explain concepts in an easily-understood way that you may not have learned before.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   A Philosophical Underpinnings

Chapter 2 :   B Concepts and Principles

    • Private

Chapter 3 :   C Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation

    • Private

Chapter 4 :   D Experimental Design

    • Private

Chapter 5 :   E Ethics (Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts)

Chapter 6 :   F Behavior Assessment

    • Private

Chapter 7 :   G Behavior-Change Procedures

    • Private

Chapter 8 :   H Selecting and Implementing Interventions

    • Private

Chapter 9 :   I Personnel Supervision and Management

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Kevin is a BCBA and former school psychologist. Once he found ABA, his life would never be the same. For those of you who would say something similar, Kevin is passionate about helping you on this journey.

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